Energy Work

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately noticed an awkward vibe or maybe you can tell a celebration is taking place? Have you noticed the times when someone walks by you and you can immediately tell if they are in a bad mood or in a good mood? What you are noticing is energy! All living things are made up of energy. We give and receive energy all day long through our interactions with people, places, animals, plants & ourselves. Through this daily energy exchange, our own energy can develop blockages or energy excess that leave us feeling imbalanced and disconnected. If left untreated, over time these energy disturbances can lead to serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, physical disease, chronic pain & spiritual disconnection. Energy healing aims to restore balance to your main energy centers (chakras), which decreases problematic symptoms and leaves you feeling more grounded, peaceful & powerful.




Reiki is an energy healing technique that has been around for thousands of years and possibly since the beginning of time. Reiki comes from two Japanese words (Rei) which means “universal life” and (Ki) which means “energy”. Reiki is the life force energy flowing through all living things. The Reiki healing technique channels this already existing energy for healing, balance & relaxation. We all have the ability to connect with the healing energy around us and use it to improve our lives and the lives of others. Reiki teaches us how. A Reiki session can help ease stress and tension, restoring individuals on all levels - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.



Usui Reiki system of healing

Dr. Mikao Usui is credited with rediscovering Reiki healing and developed the Usui Reiki System of Healing in Japan. It is a hands-on Japanese healing art that guides Reiki energy into your body to help you regain a sense of harmony and wholeness. It uses a series of hand positions, meditation & massage to channel and direct universal life force energy. This system has a proven and predictable ability to guide you down a path of profound healing, personal growth and spiritual development.


Benefits of Reiki

MEntal & Emotional health Benefits

Reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety & PTSD

Improves sleep & reduces insomnia

Increases sense of personal power

Emotional balance

Increases confidence & self-esteem

Reduces fear, doubt & insecurity

Increases sense of trust, safety & security

Cultivates joy, acceptance & inner peace

physical health benefits

Reduces high blood pressure

Reduces pain & inflammation

Accelerates body’s self-healing abilities

Speeds up the healing process of muscle, bone & disease

Cleanses body of toxins

Supports immune system

Spiritual benefits

Encourages spiritual growth

Increases intuition and awareness

Strengthens connection to ancestors, angels & spirit guides

Heal from ancestral trauma

Become more in-tune with your life’s purpose

Develop deeper understanding of the meaning of life