“Receiving Session from Chrissy is so eye opening and sacred. I see her when I need to chat about what is ailing me, to receieve an extra boost of energy and to simply just be held. As a Healer myself, I find it hard to make time for me and when I finally do, Chrissy IS a space that makes you melt and fall into being very present. With her mix of psychology, reiki, intuition and Earth Medicine, she holds space like no other and allows you to release in a way where there is no judgement, just so much Love. And not to mention her use and knowledge of oils! They smell sooooo good and her medicine combined is life changing. I recommend all of my family and friends to her and will continue to do so. I trust her completely and cant wait to be in session with her again.”

Melanie Esperon - reiki room SD - san diego, ca



“Chrissy is a beautiful soul with so much to offer. She's the perfect combination of kind and gentle mixed with strength and power. I absolutely love going with her. She offers so much more than just reiki. She listens attentively, follows her intuition, makes you feel understood and empathizes with you in such a way that makes you feel love and compassion. I look forward to seeing her some time in the future and enjoy processing and and healing with her. If you happen to see her traveling through your city or town, please don't think twice. You won't regret it.”

Karla Sanchez - SAna house of healing - San Diego, CA


“I had the honor of receiving a healing treatment from Chrissy as she was passing through Knoxville.
I can tell you that it exceeded my expectations as I have been giving and receiving for the past 25 years. She helped me clear my energy, reconnect with my own truth and reminded me of my full power. I'm so grateful to experience her gifts and very much hope to stay connected, receive more and learn from her wisdom. Beautiful healer, thank you.”

Beth Young - Young Healing knoxville - knoxville, TN


“I met Chrissy via Instagram when she began her travels to the Southeast. She came to my yoga studio and beautifully set up for the Reiki session she was providing for me & my boyfriend. There were stones, a drum, rattles & singing bowls. I had never had the sound tools used in a reiki session before so I was excited to see how they were going to be incorporated. Chrissy asked me some simple, yet thought provoking questions before we got started & we set the intention for the session with those answers/intentions that I didn't even realize I had before before being asked. I am grateful for her asking! She has a warm & trusting presence. Her session was powerful & the messages she received for me were spot on & in line with the messages a psychic shared with me recently. Chrissy was able to really bring to light some of the key things I need to release or invite in. She used the drum to ground the energy & the bowls to shake up or spread out the energy. They were amazing to have with the session. A few weeks have past since I had my session & I can say that I have felt more peace in the areas I wanted to release & am finding more direction in the things I wanted to invite in. Reiki is a powerful tool to help you better understand your sub-conscious, the energy you are made of & it helps you to reset some areas that have been disturbed thus causing dis-ease in your body and/or life. “

Hollie Beckett - Sol rise yoga - knoxville, Tn



“I've heard many great things about reiki over the past few years and wanted to experience it for myself. I was fortunate enough to have that experience with Chrissy as my guide/facilitator. She is an incredible woman. When I began my session, Chrissy provided a space that gave me permission to be vulnerable, open, and honest. She proceeded to ask me very specific questions with regards to any present emotions and/or thoughts that were present. We set intentions for the session and began the reiki healing work. I had no expectations as I hear everyone's experience is unique to that individual. I will say that so many incredible things happened for me. I wrote about my experience immediately once I got home that evening and will reference a few things that came up: I saw extremely vibrant colors of pinks purples deep blues and greens I had very vivid dreams and visions Chrissy was able to pinpoint which chakras needed more work I tapped into my emotions I experienced a strong sense of peace and calm whilst feeling an energy shift I felt the presence of God and my ancestors in the room with the intensity of the winds It was a very empowering experience to say the least and I felt as though Chrissy really helped validate my spiritual gifts. I can't thank her enough for the amazing work she was able to do for me. She truly has a gift and is ever moved by the spirits in this work. Her energy and spirit provide for a reiki experience that is authentic, pure, and freeing. I would recommend Chrissy for first time and/or experienced clients of reiki. I would love to have her back in San Diego for another reiki healing session.”

grace Aumoeualobo - san diego 



“I tried Reiki for the first time with Chrissy and it was more illuminating than I imagined. I went in a little bit skeptical but I left in a relaxed emotional state. I was amazed by her almost instant understanding of who I am at my core and the powerful vibrations of the drum. Chrissy not only does reiki, she also practices Native American shamanic traditions. The 2 modalities blend together for a truly spiritual experience. I definitely hope to work with her again.”

Chris clark - knoxville, TN



"During my personal reiki session with Chrissy we were able to further explore the the inevitable transition phase I was experiencing! Through touch, smells, sounds and intuition, we were able to rekindle a healing process I had put on hold for quite some time. Thank you Chrissy for such an intimate and spiritual experience! Thank you for helping me manifest the good in life! I can't wait until I am able to book with you again in the near future!"

Rebecca Hernandez - San Diego, CA



“My Reiki session with Chrissy was the first energy healing I had ever received, and it was incredible. I think it's really hard to put into word what reiki can do for your overall happiness. Chrissy's energy is very strong and her genuine care for you and your healing journey is apparent when she is working with you. I've never felt like someone was fully there for me more than she was. She helps you understand the importance of taking care of yourself and she gives you tools that you can take home and practice throughout your day and week that has truly helped me feel lighter and more relaxed in the face of stressors. I wasn't sure what I believed in before seeing her, and now all I can say is that I know that energy is real and how important it is to keep good energy near you. I've known Chrissy for 25 years, so I have personally seen her growth and her intuitive abilities work in many stages of her life. She has always been a light that has helped me find the strength within myself to heal. Her use of sound bowls and drums were the first time I have experienced sound healing and... WOW, I literally felt like I left my body and was vibrating on another level. I highly recommend seeing her because you deserve to experience this for yourself.”

Anna Hunter - San Diego, CA



“I have used Reiki in my life a few times before working with Chrissy, but I really haven't had such a unique experience until I worked with her. She really set the stage for the session by asking thoughtful questions about my intentions for the practice, asking my likes and dislikes in receiving reiki, and informing me about what might happen during the process. The room itself was very relaxing and intentionally set up for maximum relaxation and comfort. During reiki, I actually really lost myself in time and space (I know that sounds weird! But it's true!) I felt like time slowed down and I had lost concept of where I was in the room (I was laying face up with my head towards the door, but during reiki I mentally couldn't figure out where the door was even though I KNEW where it was). Basically felt like I was floating. Another unique part was how in-sync Chrissy and I were. During reiki I kept feeling like something else was in the room with us, specifically something was fluttering around in the room (maybe a moth or something). When I asked Chrissy she said there was nothing flying around, BUT she kept having the image of a butterfly pop up for her doing our reiki. During our debrief she really was honest and empathetic about what she had experienced. She won't sugarcoat the areas you need to keep working on, but is so trauma informed in her delivery. I would recommend her for anyone I know, especially skeptics or first-timers!”

Tessa ritchie - san diego



“Chrissy has a beautiful warmth to her, that you can feel right away, upon meeting with her. She's empowering, spiritual, kind, and creative in her practice, and her passion and innate ability to heal is very obvious. During our reiki session, she asked me some very challenging, thought provoking questions that were testaments to her ability to bring her mental health education and intuitive reiki training together in a beautiful, transcendental and existential experience. AND One of my most interesting findings is that prior to going to Chrissy, I hated the smell of Palo Santo. Since she worked with my chakras and used Palo Santo during our time together, I can't stop using it! I can't wait to work together again!!!”

Rachel Lee - San Diego, CA