Chakra balancing 

In this experiential learning environment, you will learn about the various energy centers in your body and about the chakra energy system. You will learn how to activate each chakra through chakra healing energy massages, meditations, essential oils, sound healing, crystal healing and you will learn daily activities you can do to balance your energy and clear blockages. We will discuss detailed information about each individual chakra, the chakra system as a whole and the effects these energy centers have on your mind, body & spirit.

2 hour workshop, $40



Awaken your intuition

This workshop will help you learn how to connect with and increase your intuitive abilities and spiritual connection. We all have intuition, that inner voice that guides us and just knows information without logical explanation. This training will teach you how to receive, decipher and make meaning of the messages you receive from your higher self. We will review the 4 main intuitive senses: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance & Clairaudiance. All humans have the ability to develop and strengthen these senses through awareness and practice. We will also learn to manage your inner critic so that you can make room for more meaningful communication with your own voice. Your intuition is one of your most valuable assets. It protects you from danger, provides powerful insights, helps with decision making and navigating change. With a few simple tools, you can learn to trust your own inner wisdom and begin to move into a more synchronized life flow.

2 hour workshop, $40



Bringing shadows into the light

Shadow work is one of the most important parts of personal growth and healing. We all have those parts of ourselves that we deny exists, refuse to show to others or are ashamed of. The “shadow” is the dark side of our personality that is always standing right behind us, just out of view. Our shadows are important parts of our being and must be acknowledged so we can change our relationship with them. Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior because it allows you to learn about, love & accept all parts of yourself. Explore your shadows in a safe, intimate space where you can connect with your authentic self, let go of self-sabotaging behaviors and practice stepping into your full power.

2 hour workshop, $40



Essential oil Healing

In this training, you will receive detailed information about 8 of the most powerful doTerra essential oils for healing. We will discuss the methods of distillation, chemical composition and everyday uses for each oil. We will also review how essential oils can help with depression, anxiety, PMS, sleep and overall wellness. You will be guided through various plant meditations and will sample each oil topically & aromatically. At the end of the training, you will leave with a deeper understanding of plant medicine and will be gifted a sample of your favorite oil.

2 hour workshop, $40



Mindfulness: A way of life

Mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice that is recently exploding as one of the biggest health & wellness trends in the West. In this workshop, you will learn how to understand mindfulness as a way of life and how to use it in your daily routine to bring more peace to your life. Mindfulness is a deep spiritual practice that can be woven into everything we do. Learning how to quiet our mind and truly be present in our life is a very healing and rewarding experience. We will use experiential training to practice mindfulness in a variety of ways including mindful sitting, walking, talking, working, eating and exercise to help you integrate this transformative practice into your life.

2 hour workshop, $40


Healing Circles


Sound healing Shamanic Journey

In this sound healing experience, you will set an intention for the session and take a journey into deeper consciousness guided by drumming, crystal & Tibetan singing bowls and other Indigenous instruments. The high vibrating singing bowls will push all negative energy out of your body and your aura, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace. The buffalo drum and other sounds will guide your travel to other realms of the spirit world and will help you connect with ancestral guides to receive messages and answers to your questions.

2 hour group, $40



REiki Circle

Whether you already practice Reiki or are interested in learning more about what Reiki Energy Healing is, this circle is a great place to connect with Reiki energy and learn how to channel it into your life. Allow this practice to deepen your sense of peace, balance and connection. Reiki is a deeply spiritual practice that allows you channel your spiritual guides and receive messages and healing energy through your meditations. In this group, I will perform Reiki healing on you and will teach you how to use universal life fore energy to increase wellness of mind, body and spirit.

(This group does not provide Reiki certification)

2 hour group, $50



Womens Healing circle

Join a circle of powerful, beautiful souls to heal from the struggles that are unique to women and to embrace the joy of sisterhood. Reclaim your inner Goddess, uplift your spirit and honor the divinity within you and your fellow sisters. We will use various tools to connect our hearts and tap in to our ancestral womb wisdom. Let’s walk in beauty together.

2 hour group, $40



The Healers circle

This group is designed for healers of all kinds to gather together and support one another through the often difficult journey of being a healer. We will discuss topics such as intuition, being an empath, clairvoyance, compassion fatigue, burnout, self-care and soul-care. We will use meditation, energy healing, indigenous healing and sound healing to release any energy that no longer serves us. Come cleanse your spirit in a deep way and rejuvenate your ability to do powerful healing work with others.

2 hour group, $35


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